Engine oil for MMC 3.0L V6 with 200K miles

I have an 89 Dodge Raider (Mitsubishi Montero) 3.0L V6 that just turned 200K. I've been using Castrol 10-40 and Fram filters every 2500 miles. It uses about a quart between changes. I'll be spending half a year at a time in Australia and my auto will live with my son and be used sparingly while I'm gone. I thought that maybe switching to Amsoil and doing two filter changes a year and one oil change a year might make sense. Does it? Thanks!


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8-10K. Occasional around town when I'm gone. 4X4 and freeway travel when I'm in the U.S. Thanks for the welcome. I must admit that a lot of what is written here is well over my head. I've just used the oil at Costco, did frequent changes and used Moly-EP grease for everything else.
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I have been using the Valvoline high mileage 10W30 in my 95 Mitsu 3.0.With Purolator filter. No complaints what so ever. Runs like a champ.170,000 miles.