Electric car charge cord review

I didn’t read all the replies but the Volt and I assume Bolt have 14 gauge cable not 16. That limits the charge rate to around 12 amps due to the length of the cord. It still gets warm near the plug. It also will make house wire get pretty warm depending on the run and wiring condition. I have felt exposed 12 gauge while charging at 12 amps awhile, and it was warm. Some runs are very long. I don’t know what all the comparison is about, they all work the same afaik. Don’t want to catch your house on fire.
Silicon Valley
The independent automotive dealer i worked for had nothing but problems with Tesla. Sure they have a charging infrastructure but they are a pain to work with. I'd want no part in that. Not honoring warranty difficulty in getting a straight answer and the lack of parts for repair. No thanks.
Tesla is not running their "service" side of the business like a normal auto company. So it is why customers end up with 2 month waits on parts when it is supposedly in stock and be there in 1 week.

Plus a lot of them are not easy to repair, like a simple fender bender cost 10k and a scrape to the side of the rear body / fender end up costing 20k. This is why they have their own insurance so they are quoted and paid for internally, using internal pricing, and they can afford to hide the total cost of ownership by subsidizing the repair business.