E85 / E15 - Saw Something New To Me Today

Generally speaking you are talking 1-2% difference e10 vrs e15

In reality for me at least my economy is the same or ever so slightly better summer and a couple mpg worse in the zero F winter

Thus at $3-$4 gas you are guaranteed the same or better at 8 cents cheaper in all circumstances, depending on your car your break even may only be 3 cents

Me personally (depending on the car)
I won’t run it if I’m not saving more than 5 cents a gallon especially in the winter.

My one car that demands premium gets e15+ all yearView attachment 113533
Thank you yes e88 here where I live Georgia racetrack by me some times .10 cheaper sometimes .5 sometimes .10 cents higher regular 87 with 10% enthonal. E85 25 % then regular e87 to make work used. Thank you.
We simply don't have such options here.

Tell me other than the price and obvious 87 v. 88 - What is the difference between the 88 Blue and 87 Red without the ETOH?
Latent heat of evaporation and the way they achieve their octane rating. On my F150 3.5, I have a couple Ethanol tunes to take advantage of additional ethanol, up to about 30% because I haven’t yet upgraded my in-tank not high pressure fuel pumps. For example, going from E10 on a stock tune not tuned for ethanol, to an E30 max performance tune is worth nearly 200rwhp on my truck. The loss of roughly 13% mileage per tank is worth every smile 😃
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