Did It.....went Synthetic

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May 16, 2003
Hey thanks for all the help in here! Just over 10,000 mile on the 2002 Tacoma and on this oil change went Mobil 1 10w30. Owners manual calls for 5w30 as oil of choice but also has 10w30 listed if temps are within the stated range which they easily will be during the summer. Would have went 5w but Wallys only had the 5qt jugs in 10w this weekend the 5w was sold out. I'll keep an eye out for the 5w for this coming fall/winter. Thanks again for all the input.
Don't bother with the 5W for winter. I have used the 10W Mobil 1 in Pa (both Amsoil and Mobil 1) for almost 10 years on multiple vehcles. Had winters as low as -17 F. No problem. Mobil 10W is better than 5W IMHO.
I agree with Al, stick with the 10w all year round. Mobil's best oil IMO. Al, how about this weather? I've never seen a May/June so cloudy and cool in the PA/NJ area. Ridiculous. I miss the drought. [Big Grin]
I bet the 5w30 would show lower wear numbers in the cold wintertime though. I used to hate 5w30, but with the good UOAs on it lately, even in hot weather, I think that a good 5w30 synthetic (or good blend like Schaeffer Oil) can handle all year round no problem. Remember, that 5w30 oil will be thinner on a cold start, providing quicker lubrication to the top end.
Would you believe my 1999 Tacoma V6 was 10W-30 only? Thats all I ran in it. [Smile]
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