Delvac-1 No Loss

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Jun 19, 2002
Santa Fe,N.M.
Hi,just ran about 5k miles on D-1 with no need to add makeup oil. Last summer,on Castrol Syntec 5w-50,I added 1/2 qt. Maybe,it's not too significant.The UOA will give a profile to compare with Syntec [Big Grin] .Is D-1 the better oil for my '99 E-150 Ford Van(4.2L six)with 30K.
Delvac 1 is an excellent oil and of much higher quality then Syntec 5w-50. Yes, I think it would be great for the E-150 Van. I'd use it in all your cars/trucks. [ July 25, 2003, 06:07 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Hi, I totally agree - Delvac 1 is an excellent oil! I changed my '02 Subaru Outback ( 80000 kms )from M1 10w-30 to Del 1 and the oil usage stopped! Previously it was about 1 ltr/4000kms Regards
The thicker D1 is probably needed to stop consumption in this case. It's not a NOAK issue bc M1 10w-30 actually has a lower NOAK then D1. It's the Viscosity in this case. [ July 25, 2003, 06:54 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Hi Sprintman, yes, I have a set of new Yokohamas'in store in Brisbane to put on it soon - another 5k perhaps I put Bosch platimum plugs in at 5k and at 100k I'll replace those and do the cam belt as well I have some Castrol NF coolant to go in it soon too The move from M1 10w-30 to Delvac 1 was a good one. It has done 12000k on it now and its down a about a half litre The oils in gearbox and diffs - Castrol Syntrax/Syntrans also in at 5k. They'll be there until I sell it What a truely great car they are Regards Doug Hillary '02 Subaru Outback '98 BMW Z3 2.8 '89 Porsche 928S4
Doug NGK Iridiums in mine, much smoother. Redline in p/s, g'box and diff. Nothing but the best for my OB. Evo 98 fuel with Lucas UCL and FPC added and Nitrogen in the new Yokohamas (Try it from Bob Janes). Currently in rinse mode after 2nd bottle RX and one to go. Sure will be a clean engine after that and then maint dose of RX from then on. Undecided on oil or viscosity even. Was Mr. High Viscosity originally but Patman and others have me very undecided. Great vehicle but I'd swap it for your Porsche!!
Hi Sprintman, ( a bit of topic ) I'm pleased to hear that the Iridium plugs work well, my youngest son has them in his VL Holden-Commodore-Nissan. His have now done 55000kms - he told me from Brissie only a second ago! What sort of oil filter do you use? There are many cheapies to avoid at Supa-Cheap etc. I use the OEMs' The air filter takes in a bit of muck - the Porsches'is the same. It appears to be the cold air duct's positioning in both cases. I use a aluminuim fly screen "barrier" over the cold air intake now on both cars. It has stopped four Wombats, two Kangaroos and a lot of bugs 'n things - well! Your climate requires careful consideration of winter temps. for the oil's viscosity Here, Delvac 1 is a good choice but I have not seen it for sale north of Brisbane. ExxonMobil seem committed to make it hard to purchase - strange Regards
Mobil distributor here is a 'pain in the arse'. Rude and ignorant they showed me 0W40 Supersyn in 5 litre jug then said "dont have a price code" see ya later!! Spoke to Mobil head office in Melb who spat the dummy as they said same code as 0W40 Trisyn. Promised me a 5 litre jug but no sign of it (I won't hold my breath). OEM filters on OB and Purolator PureONE on Mazda turbo. Trying to get PureONE for OB but no luck so far.
PITA is the appropriate word when dealing with the local distributor. I've managed to get a few people at work (turbo-diesel owners) to move over to something better than "rimula X....the oil that protects" (great marketing) to Mobil Delvac 1, as they want their turbo diesels to run forever. 8 weeks later, and the depot still cannot source the stuff, as it's on backorder. Delo 400 is where the potential customers have started heading in the interim. Sprintman, BTW, I was told that the 0W-40 was ONLY available in 1 litre bottles, not the 5 litres.
Had a 5-litre jug 0W40 Supersyn in my hands at the distributor Hill & Co in Fyshwick. All Gold in colour. Wouldn't sell it as guy said he "had no code" for it, typical BS from smartarse employee (as are all at Hill & Co.). Mobil head office need to put a rocket up this bunch1
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