Crock pot meals

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crock pot brisket is amazing. about 90% as good as smoked and 10x easier.
What's your crock pot brisket recipe? I'd love to try making one when I don't have time to smoke one outside.
Fresh polish sausage with sauerkraut is a good one. Can use various cuts of pork as well. As much as I like a good crock pot or insta pot meal.. and I'm probably a rookie and will get roasted for saying this.. but they all have that same crock pot/ slow cooker taste to me. I've got an off brand insta-pot and I like it because it cooks in a fraction of the time of our old slow cooker.
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Just finished the left overs of a small pot roast with my own variation of what I had lying around. Cut potatoes into cubes, added a couple small onions, some fresh garlic, a table spoon of butter, Greek peppers, and onion soup mix. Turned out great, but I'll nix the butter next time...