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Mar 12, 2015
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Good Evening BITOGERS smile What are some crock pot specialties you folks make? I make roast, cornbread casserole, and pork chops and dumplings in mine.
This is a simple one for Instant Pot (maybe that should be a separate thread?) Frozen chicken breasts and potatoes with skin on. Put the rack thing in the bottom of the pot. Stack potatoes on the rack best fit to allow chicken. Dribble about 1 cup of water over the potatoes. Sprinkle salt/pepper/garlic powder/seasonings. Place frozen chicken breasts on top of potatoes up as far as you can/dare. Dribble some olive oil over the chicken. Sprinkle some salt/pepper/garlic powder/seasonings. Set high pressure for 15 minutes to manually vent at the end. You can set it a couple minutes lower to let it sit. When done, you can use the liquid to make gravy.
Recently was corned beef. I like to make chili as well, but my wife's favorite is crock pot pulled pork cooked in Dr Pepper.
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Thanks for the idea. I'm going to try the crock pot pork chops. Sounds great
Glad I can help friend smile
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Split Pea and Ham soup using a ham bone with a chunk of meat still on it.
That's this weekends meal. Local butcher near me smokes ham bones and some stuff. I use two ham bones with split pea. Delicious
Going to try Cornbread Casserole! Thank favorites are already mentioned.
Just finished off the very first batch of "Corned Beef Soup" I've ever made using the crock pot. I swear, the 6.5 qt. slow cooker we got as a wedding gift has been unerring in execution. I've done big pot roasts. Gotta love searing them first for flavor. In the case of the corned beef I seared the flat, fat side only and it was AA+.
Chili. A ground meat(beef, deer or italian sausage usually)rotel and velveeta dip. Beef stew. Vegetable beef soup. Chicken and dumplins. The crock pot pretty well kept me alive when I was single!
Chuck roast with Montreal Steak seasoning and a little water and then top it off with some baby reds. Husker chops, sear em first, add some water with some onion soup mix or some sort of creme of soup and you guessed it, baby reds The left overs I cut up the meat and potatoes into small pieces and fry up some hash.
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