Craftsman Power Washer

The Garden State
Last week while working at Lowe's I spotted the attached late in the evening. It's brand new, factory sealed, not a return or repair/resell. Our 15 year old Troy-Bilt power washer is showing it's age. I've replaced the Briggs plastic carb and got a new pump and got some more years use out of it. The Troy-Bilt uses a noisey, thirsty flat head Briggs engine and doesn't have a detergent dispenser. Plus I don't know whether it'll start and work this year. So for $32 from $329 regularly I figured I'd "take a chance" ;). The power washer is probably the least used OPE I have. This one has the B&S 725 engine with the "no choke no prime and never oil change engine" :rolleyes:. I'm assuming I can extract the oil out through the oil fill to change it. Hey, for $32 for a new power washer it can't be too bad of a buy :cool:


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Roanoke Virginia
We have one of the old Craftsman pressure washers. For $32 I wouldn’t be scared to try this one though especially since Craftsman has been good to me recently about my warranty.