Chevron Supreme Syn - where to buy?

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Feb 28, 2004
Richmond, Va
I have seen that this oil is well respected, but I cannot find it - even a Google search did not give me a clear shot to a price/qty.

Little help? Is it worth searching out? - I have lots of RL and Amsoil and Delvac1 in my garage right now.

I don't know about your state-I have never been there. But in Colorado you can find Chevron at Checker Auto Parts Stores. There is also a place near me that stocks lots of Chevron oils. And you can find Havoline oils at Wal-Marts-this oil is supposed to be nearly identical or identical to Chevron Supreme.

The oil I cannot find is Havoline Synthetic. Some guys at this site mix one quart of this oil with four quarts of Chevron or Havoline conventional oil to make a blend.
There is another current thread in this subforum on buying Chevron and in it a Tennessee distributor mentioned.

Best bet in general is to look for an authorized Chevron distributor in your local yellow pages.

Is it worth pursuing? If you're an Amsoil, Delvac or Red Line fan, probably not. It is one of the best dino oils going, however.

--- Bror Jace
Havoline synthetic;$3.48 a quart at Discount auto parts or Advance auto parts.
Havoline Synthetic is everywhere in Tennessee, but the Chevron is not to be found.

I think they are basically the same product.

You can probably find the Havoline Syn easily, I would suspect.

With M1 at under $4 a qt. in the jugs, I don't think it's such a great value.

Another GpIII and I haven't seen any impressive uoa's. Not sure it would have great TBN retention.
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