Changin to new oil brand in 2.5 years,what oil to use in my stock

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Dec 10, 2002
Since 2000, I have been using various grades of Valvoline maxlife since the stuff came out from 5w30 in winter to 10w40 for summer. Once I reach the 3k interval (it's been since october 02 since I changed the oil), I'm going to switch to a new brand of oil that I can't decide which to use. I've stocked up on oil in the past year and I'm going to use one of them for my car.

This is what I have:
6 cases of exxon superflo 10w30
1 case of Castrol GTX 10w30
2 cases of Havoline 5w30 (Chevron Supreme distributed by Chevron)
20 bottles of Havoline 0w30 distributed by Equilon.

Now, I know that's alot of oil and have gotten all of the oil at a bargain except for the castrol. but I maintain three vehicles. I've switched my dad's 00 4.0 Liter ranger that is driven 30k miles a year from maxlife to superflow recently. Here in Memphis, the lows get to 20 degrees and the highs are in the high 97 degrees in the summer. It's almost spring so the temps are starting to climb. Which oil should I use for the next year? Keep in mind that I only drive between 6k-9k miles a year so a case of castrol gtx 10w30 can last me almost two years just for my car alone. It's a 92 1.5 Liter Mitsubishi mirage. Current oil consuption is 1 quart every 3k miles. my goal is to use up the oil I have without buying anymore.
But I have this nagging feeling that I don't want to change brands too often as the seals may take a beating. what does everyone think?

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I'd choose the Castrol 10w30 1st, the Exxon 10w30 a close 2nd, the 5w30 3rd, & the 0w30 last. In Memphis, it'll get hot enough in the summer that I'd *strongly* prefer a 10w30 dino to a 0/5w30 dino oil.
I was thinking of the castrol first because it is a 10w30 for the summer and also has moly. but I hate to switch from castrol 10w30 to 5w30 havoline in the winter and back to castrol again. changing brands too often is hazardous?

do you think castrol 10w30 is sufficent for winter driving as well? temps in the 20s. I have heard that castrol 5w30 shears back to a 20 weight in some analysis. not sot sure about the 10w30.
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