Can I use PUP in a new C8?

Mar 16, 2024
hi, I’ve been reading here for years, but I don’t think I have ever joined. I have a question and only probably this forum can give me a non-biased answer. A friend of mine has about three cases of PUP 0W 40 that he used I believe, in a Chrysler product. I have about 1500 miles on my C8, and he is willing to give me the oil. I get the whole dexos R thing, but in this situation, being a daily driver and never doing any type of extreme performance, can I use the PUP until I change it at about 7000 the GM will pay for? I'm 74 and this car is just a grocery getter…..thanks for your advice.
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What you have is the SRT oil. Don’t be afraid to flog it like a rented mule and show those 65 year olds a thing or two!

thank you for all your responses. If I put this on one of the Corvette forms, I will immediately be crucified as an idiot, and my engine will promptly blow up within 100 miles of using this , versus the vaunted Supercar mobil 1 that is much more expensive. if I can get the PUP for free, I don’t see any reason not to use it.

as an aside, the only difference between mobile one dexos r supercar, and PUP is additives, right? So what additives would be involved for a normally aspirated chevy engine that are not in PUP?

I used PUP IN my C7 for 50,000 miles with no problems whatsoever. The C7 and C8 engines are virtually identical in make up and spec..
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I certainly don’t want to go up against the Supercar crowd but the kinematic viscosity of Mobil Supercar 0W40 is 12.9. The same number for the SRT 0w40 is 13.7 . Chrysler chose it for its 700 HP supercharged Challenger. It can hold its own.
sorry, not a sci guy, I assume a larger number is better for kinematic viscosity?
sorry, not a sci guy, I assume a larger number is better for kinematic viscosity?
There are are folks on this forum who would love to explain it. As a result of high rpm running, oil heats up and loses viscosity. Starting with a larger number helps fight that. Supercar also comes in a 5w50 for that reason, so there is nothing deficient about Supercar, but just sayin’ SRT is no slouch either. The thickie crowd on this forum is a fan of having that higher viscosity oil between rotating surfaces such as main bearings for better wear protection. I’ll let them add more info. ;)