Pennzoil 0w40: PUP vs. Euro in GDI turbo

Dec 27, 2022
Looking for substantive rationale for using one vs another in gen I 3.5 ecoboost (2012 F150): Pennzoil Euro or PUP in 0w40.

Gather the Euro pennz has lower noack and higher HTHS than PUP, which seems sensible in this engine type/engine history, though see scant mention of people using it. Inclined to try it. However, see at least per ad copy, the PUP is their “high performance“ offering; do drive it spiritedly, tow in mountains, some modest mods pending.

Truck bought used, severe sludge history, already did a timing chain, intake valve deposits unknown, yada yada. Put a catch can in. Owner idled it extensively, cold climate, mobile 1 5w30 every 5k. Now mine, am fairly set on short OCI of 3300mi and attracted to the pennz 0w40 viscosity, being barely a 40, giving a little room to fuel dilute/shear down, while being pumpable in severe cold.

Cold wet winters here, then stretches 10-20 below is normal. If not for that, would go castrol edge 5w30 or Xw40 and call it a day, but no. To date running PUP 0w40 and started up outside at -29F the other day, so do like that.

Pennzoil PUP or Euro in 0w40 for such an engine? “Coin flip” and UOA, I get it, but what would make sense to you?
I've used Mobil 1 euro 0w-40, 5w-40; Pennzoil Ultra SRT 0w-40, and Amsoil SS 0w-40 in my 3.5L ecoboost with no issues at all in my gen 1 3.5L.

Buy which ever one is cheaper
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Was wondering if I could run either the M1 esp in 0w30 or PP Euro 0w30 in my 2017 Honda Accord 2.4 GDi? If so, what pro/cons of this vs just using A5 B5 synthetic 30w's?
I would run Mobil 1 5W-30 ESP or Castrol Euro 5W-30 C3 oil if I were you.
More engine protection due to the higher HTHS = 3.5.