Cell Phone Batteries ??

Not everyone wants to tear a phone apart.

This ^^^^^

I've seen phones fall apart once they've been taken apart. Because the people who did it, didn't know what they were doing. Unless you have experience, and have done it before, or can go to one of those phone kiosk's or centers they have at the big box stores, you're better off not messing with it.

Or make it even easier by buying a cheap phone and tossing it.
I finally replaced the 5-1/4 year old battery in my LG K20 Plus. It was getting a little weak, but still working OK. I estimate it's been charged around 1500 times since I got the phone over 5 years ago. Just decided to replace the battery so I don't get caught with the battery deciding to puke with no warning.

The original battery was rated at 2700 mAh. Got a replacement battery on Amazon for $14.99 specifically for this LG phone, and it's rated at 3600 mAh (33.3% more capacity). It took longer to get the phone out of the protective case than it did to pop the back off to swap out the battery. The new battery showed 35% charged when I turned on the phone, so charged it to 100% ... took about 1 hr, 20 min. Talked on the phone for an hour, and it went from 100% to 98%, so seems good so far ... time will tell. This LG K20 Plus cell phone has been great IMO, and still is. Will keep it until it doesn't work anymore.


As simple as it gets.

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Service life of Li-Ion goes down substantially based on amount of time sitting above 4.1xV. Unfortunately most charge to 4.2V for that bit extra runtime. Life based on depth of discharge is not so clear cut. I wouldn't try to make it a rule to discharge down to 20% then be in situations where you are running out of power so can't use the phone, unless you have a relatively high capacity battery and know its limits vs your use cases.

Just about any battery is replaceable if you have the tools, and for older folks, eyesight and steady hand to do it.
OE batteries are expensive. Buy off AZ and get mostly junk
My phones are plugged in a lot, and never had a battery swell. Two phones needed replacement batteries, but those phones were 5+ years old at the time and I got them when they were 3+ years old so who knows how the original owners used them.

I still use my ancient first-gen Moto G for some things. It's been plugged in practically its entire life. Original now-9-year-old battery from 2013. Still lasts a week+ at idle when not on the charger. Also still use an old Windows Nokia 6-something for some things. Original 2013 battery. The battery is ok though starting to not last as long as expected.

I'm not going to give much credit to the theory that newer phones and batteries are worse at being plugged in 24/7 than 2013 phones and batteries.

Maybe babysitting a phone's charging is helpful with today's fast chargers. I don't use fast chargers.
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Maybe babysitting a phone's charging is helpful with today's fast chargers. I don't use fast chargers.
I think fast chargers are hard on batteries. The battery in my LG K20 was still going pretty good after 5+ years, and I think one of the reasons it lasted so long is it took 1-1/2 hours to charge it from 15% to 100%.