Caught the creative bug. Need input for unique brake rotor clock.

Aug 4, 2020
So I had a pair of rotors that needed to be gone and I got to thinking. Recyclable? Repurpose? Did some searching and saw a simple brake rotor clock. Then the BITOGer in me wanted to make it "mine" and add personal touches & hang it in my shop. So I want to take a larger rotor and add unique badging for each of the 12 numbers, then add unique clock hands such as a piece of a dipstick or small wrench. I'm open to all input to make this truly awesome, but I'm strongly leaning toward domestic vehicle badging and related logos. For example, here's what I have in my head so far (and some will require some modification and/or cutting):

1 - Mobil 1 logo
2 - 6.2L Silverado badge Link
3 - GT350 badge Link
4 - Ram 4x4 badge Link
5 - Valvoline logo (Roman numeral)
6 - Grand National intake badge Link
7 - 5.7 GTO trunk badge Link
8 - Camaro Z28 badge Link
9 - 392 Hemi badge Link
10 - Viper RT/10 badge Link
11 - RAM 1500 badge x2 Link
12 - MB V12 badge Link (can't think of a domestic alternative)

Now I'm sure some of these will have to be substituted due to cost, but I think it's one heck of a start. Looking at this post, I see it's a bit MOPAR heavy, and Ford light. Oh well.

So I'm curious what you all think. Any input?
Nov 11, 2018
Great Lakes
I’d head to a you pick lot and try to get most of the badges. Maybe replace the MB v12 with a Hellcat or SRT badge... gotta keep that Mopar heavy theme going! is also a little cheaper than the mopar site you listed.
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Aug 19, 2010
Champlain/Hudson Valley
Your design will change as you gather materials.
Matching the scale of the 12 elements will be a challenge. In other words some logos will be large while others will be small.
A large brake rotor will weigh too much. A brad in soft sheetrock won't hold it.
A falling brake rotor could kill a child or cut half a secretary's foot off.

Also, the busyness of the 12 logos/badges could well overpower the plainness of the rotor. You could craft pieces of silver foil to mimic the rotor's outline and some of it's surface area. Resort to shadowing in black to off-set the chrome of the badges.
They'll muddle against an all silver background.

You're going to learn that available clockworks use extremely lightweight hands. Even an 1/8" wrench is too heavy to use.
Sorry if these considerations sound dissuasive.


Nov 29, 2008
Oshawa, Ontario Canada
Go to a junk yard and get as many badges and logos you can. would use a V6, V8 , v12 Badges for the 6, 8 and 12. Not sure how many of these you can find. Hemi has 5.7, maybe find a V10 bagde etc. Unless you go with BMW with all the series.