Catalytic Converter Safe Oil?

I've bought and installed plenty of aftermarket cats without issue, I would give it a shot. But the oil consumption issue is still going to be a problem. A prolonged piston soak and maybe start using a quart of HPL's cleaner oil and do some short oil changes to clean out any gunk in there and clean the rings.

Here is my recipe for a weekend piston soak:
1. Let the engine cool Friday afternoon. Take out the spark plugs.
2. Pour in a few ounces of Berryman B-12 into each cylinder. Repeat a couple times each day.
3. On Sunday afternoon squirt in a penetrating lubricant like PB Blaster in each cylinder. I just don't like starting the engine up without lubrication on the rings and cylinder walls. I am unsure if the B12 lubricates, so the PB Blaster eases my mind.
4. All of this stuff will end up in your crank case so change your oil.
5. With the spark plugs out, crank your engine a 2-3 seconds to get rid of any excess B-12/PB Blaster in the cylinders in case there is some that didn't drain for some reason.
6. Install new spark plugs and start it up. Go for a spirited drive and let it run for as long as possible. Take it on the highway and get it good and hot.

Do some short OCI's and maybe repeat the above process a few times. There are also some oil additives out there that do some serious cleaning but I'd try this first.