Castrol Transmax ATF Import Multi-Vehicle vs ATF/CVT Universal

Jan 25, 2009
Are there any data sheets of these two Castrol products?

I have a spare gallon of the ATF/CVT fluid that I'm thinking of using on a 2007 Honda CR-V. It will be the fourth transmission fluid service for this vehicle. I know this level of servicing is a bit overkill, but this is for my daughter and her boyfriend for the summer and neither of them are into cars.

So long story short, I'm perfecting this Honda if I can so I don't have to hear any issues that will be three hours away from me.

Thanks for all you do.
CVTs are pretty finicky about proper fluid changes. My experience is limited to the JATCO cvt in my Suzuki. Valvoline is an approved fluid and that's what I use. Might be good for your peace of mind to just go with Honda OEM fluid.

Honda cvt.jpg
The ATF/CVT will probably be fine on your 2007 CR-V :)

I had good results with Castrol Full Synthetic ATF (not the same thing as the import multi vehicle) on an 8th gen Civic.
Castrol's site has never been easy to navigate:

You don’t have a CVT. Unless you want to destroy that DW1 spec transmission. Valvoline Maxlife or Amsoil SS blue cap are good alternatives.
Castrol says Import Multi Vehicle is compatible with Z-1 transmissions, which your CR-V has. That ATF still exists even though Castrol's Full Synthetic ATF seems to cover all of the same applications, plus more. In the past year or so, they reformulated it and renamed it to include the "CVT" reference.

Personally, I'd only use DW-1 but since you have that gallon, Castrol says it's fine and they know a little bit more about transmissions and fluids than I do....