2007 Honda CR-V Transmission : Will Castrol Transmax ATF/CVT Work Well?

Jan 25, 2009
I bought four quarts of this transmission fluid on special nearly a year ago. I just got a 2007 CR-V for my daughter and wanted to see if this would work on it.

Has anyone used this fluid in a Honda with a convenional automatic? The back does list ATF DW 1/ Z1 but I do wonder if there is another additive package (Valvoline Max Life / Castrol Transmax Multi-Vehicle ATF) that may be better. It will be its 4th tranny fluid change since it was new.
Castrol Full Synthetic ATF is awesome on those Hondas :)

That said, there is nothing wrong with the ATF/CVT if you already have it. A gallon is about what you need anyway.

It is very easy to change the ATF on a Honda, even easier than an oil change.
I had good luck with this fluid in my 2008 Nissan Titan. This was before they went to the suitable for CVT packaging. I'm not sure if the formula changed really since then but I liked it because it was not only suitable for use but had a higher viscosity than max life. Again not sure what it is now but I'm sure it's good fluid.

And I second what slack tide said, very easy to service these transmissions, wish they were all that way still!