Castrol Magnatec initial impressions.


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We get a full synthetic Magnatec 5W30 that carries the Euro ratings of A3/B4 as well as API SN. It’s lined up for my next oil change, as soon as all the rain stops. A full-SAPS, high TBN (>= 10) and high HTHS (>= 3.5 cP) oil, perfect for my port injected car.

Previously I have used the semi-synthetic Magnatec 10W30, also rated SN & A3/B4. It ran so smooth in my car I found myself glancing down when stopped at red lights to make sure my engine was still running. It was still running, I just couldn’t feel it. Almost too smooth, it fazed me a bit.

We also get two other Dexos rated Magnatec 5W30 full synthetics
- Magnatec SUV it’s ACEA C3, API SN/CF, MB 229.51 and Dexos2
- Magnatec DX it’s API SP, ILSAC GF-6 and Dexos1-Gen2 plus Ford M2C946-B1, M2C961-A1, 921-A1.

I‘m interested to do a butt-dyno comparison of the older 10W30 semi-synthetic to the newer 5W30 full synthetic.
I'm not one to normally buy into the "quieter oil" thing, but 5W-30 Magnatec seems to have reduced the cold start piston slap on our K24 powered Honda Element. The K24s are known for this because the pistons are short skirted. As the miles have racked up I've experimented with a variety of oils, including Euro Castrol 0W-30 and 0W-40, PUP 10W-30. I didn't notice any change. But with 5W-30 Magnatec, it sure seems quieter. Also, the UOAs I've run have shown very good results.


I have to say, I think I'm a Magnatec fan as well. I have an old 2L HDi engine. Changed to Magnatec recently (about 600 miles ago or so). My Mom has been driving the car. I fired it up on the drive the other day to move it and it just didn't sound as loud as it usually does. It's very smooth and refined, specially considering it's a 22 year old diesel! This is the stuff I used in mine.



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