Castrol edge or syntec-blend??

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Jun 28, 2005
Truck is a 2004 3.4L v6 Tacoma with 100k miles. We've been using syntec-blend for quite some time, now it's becoming next to impossible to find it on a regular basis. Is the Castro edge synthetic worth the extra money, and is it ok to use in this engine? Truck sees a lot of stop/go, highway, short-trips, etc. with normal driving oci of 5-9k or so and a K&N filter
Edge is supposedly the top Castrol product. Syntec is available for less so it might be another good option. pennzoil platinum, Q HP and Valvoline Synpower or maxlife blend are other good choices. Right now the Motorcraft blend is the best deal at WM for 11.50 a 5 quart jug.
Make your synthetic blend with 1-2 quarts of Edge and remaining Castrol GTX (or whatever). Walmart SuperTech Full Synthetic is a very good motor oil, and better than any synthetic blends that I know about.
We chose Castrol syntec for now...seriously thinking about just switching this truck to Rotella 5w-40 next go around, just like my other trucks. Castrol's getting pricey!
I seem to remember reading a UOA or something that made me think Syntec blend is not worth the $$ and you can do just as well with GTX. Edge is too rich for my blood, if I wanted a "claimed 15k" oil, I'd get M1 EP.
My understanding is there is a syntec blend and a regular black bottled syntec? We got the black bottles; but it will be the last go around with Castrol period. Their pricing is getting ridiculous. I can get Rotella synthetic 5w-40 a lot cheaper then Castrol's oils.
at my local walmart castrol edge has already been price cut to $25 for a 5 qt jug. not bad. probably will be like this soon everywere.
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