Can't Find GC....Alternatives?

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Jun 4, 2005
I checked/called the AutoZones in my area of NJ and none of them carry GC..So what would U guys recommend for my LS2 GTO? I can get any and all Mobil-1 oils (which i've used in the past), Royal Purple, Redline, etc... Which oil and weight would U guys consider for my LS2? Also, i've been using K&N Gold Oil there anything better? Thanks
Hmmm... Did you just ask for "GC" or Castrol Syntec 0w-30? The vast majority of the store clerks wouldn't have a slightest idea what GC or German Castrol stands for. Where in N.J.? The map shows just a few cities with AutoZones present. Look for the bigger stores. The smallest ones usually don't carry this oil.  - [ October 01, 2005, 04:34 PM: Message edited by: vad ]
What part of NJ are you from? I can find it all over the S.Jersey/Philly area.
Hey guys...after doing some calling around, I found a AutoZone in my area that does carry it...I went downt there and picked up 7 quarts (the GTO takes 6.5) of the good stuff. I'm hoping to get an analysis done of this and maybe the Mobil-1 5W30 I have in there now. Thanx for the help!
NO wonder are gas prices are so high, all this driving around looking for green castrol. Next time go with Havoline synthetic or Valvoline Synpower,you get the same results and save a lot of money in gas. [Cheers!]
Another good choice for the LS2 engine would be Amsoil 5w40. As far as the K&N oil filter goes, that is an excellent choice! It's what I'm running in my C5 and in my wife's Civic.
Originally posted by PeteyPete: Also, i've been using K&N Gold Oil there anything better?
There are oil filters that are just as good, but much cheaper. [Wink] Check out the oil filter forum.
yea- when I called around asking autozones in my area if they had any german castrol 0w30 in stock, they said they had never heard of it, and didn't carry it.. I then decided to give it a go.. I went to every store in my area and came up with 56 quarts... They didn't know what I was talking about, shoulda just said "Castrol Syntec 0w30." I explained to the clerks that I had talked to previously on the phone, showed them the "made in germany" on the back... They were happy to get the information. One particular manager was particularly interested... I even went on to explain the manufacture code on the bottom of the bottle... At every store I went to.... I pulled every bottle down... and often had to searth through the depths of the oil on the shelf.. having to ask for permission to enter the back or to push oil forward for me to get to.. they were all very curious about what I was doing.. after picking out the bottlers I wanted (green)... they would start picking up the other bottles and restocking them... I stopped them and assured that I would pick up my mess, and restock them with the oldest in front... made them all very happy. hehe. sory for the rambling... anyhoo... about the filter.. K&N makes a good oil filter. Very tough, plenty of pleats... you'd never have to worry about a K&N filter breaking or anything... however.. the K&N is really designed for flow, the filtration, is not as good on small particals as the other options.. much like their air filters... they give extra flow, at the cost of small partical filtration... If you are racing, and need every bit of HP evailable- the K&N will serve it's purpose... but for everyday use, trying to get the most miles out of an engine... there are better options available for small partical trappment. (Mobil 1 filters, and Purolaor Pure-One filters come to mind, the purolator being cheaper with nearly the same quality as the mobil) I'd suggest against the K&N for the long term... (just my personal opinion, which is based, entirely, on what i have managed to read on this board and a few others)... great filters- but they serve a purpose that is not related directly to enginle longevity.
After seeing how low my engine wear numbers are with using a K&N oil filter, I don't think I have anything to worry about, it seems to be filtering just fine.
Yea, but for 1/3 of the cost you can get a quality filter that filters and probably flows just as well.
Originally posted by vad: Yea, but for 1/3 of the cost you can get a quality filter that filters and probably flows just as well.
But you won't find one with the sheer strength that these filters have. Their canister is rock solid, something I find very important given how low to the ground my oil filter is sitting on my Corvette.
Are we all talking about the same K&N air filter? Seems like some are talking about K&N air filters, others the K&N oil filters.
K&N air filters? In this thread? So far I haven't seen any reference to the K&N air filters....
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