Can someone recommend an inexpensive syphon?

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Jun 14, 2006
kodak, tn
I am looking for an inexpensive fluid syphoner or fluid evacuator for tranny, PS and general automotive use. Something that is store bought, and has a capacity of a gallon or so. (I dont mind emptying a time or two per job.) Looking mainly for something light duty to do the occasional PS fluid exchange and tranny drain. Something mechanical, not pneumatic, to help me drain my tranny fluid and PS.
They have a couple at Walmart, one has a handpump type, and the other is a more simple bulb design. The pump one is like 7.46 and the bulb one is cheaper. Saw them there yesterday, hope that helps at least a little.
Get the Mityvac for about $50.00. It holds 2 gallons and you can add a brake-bleeding kit for several bucks more if you want to experiment. I thought it was a little expensive too, but you'll find many uses for this handy tool. The cheaper ones are more trouble than they are worth. Just doing ONE tranny siphon on a vehicle with no drain plug will pay for itself, if it keeps vehicle out of repair shop! Just GOOGLE it from that spot you're at right now and it'll be at your door by Thursday and you'll be a fluid extracting fiend by next weekend.
A one pint suction pump (looks like a greas gun barrel) is best for the PS fluid. For tranny fluid, go to the hardware and get the appropriate size plastic tubing in about 3 times the dipstick length, shove it down the dipstick tube wiggling it around to get as far down as possible, then just suck on it. You will see the tranny fluid coming and can easily stop before getting a mouthful. I did it. Takes forever to siphon out as the tranny fluid flowed slowly, but if hot would move faster. When empty, retract hose, start engine for a minute, and see if more fluid drains into pan to siphon out more.
Originally posted by Stuart Hughes: Are there any Harbor Freight stores near you? Their website has an oil/fluid suction pump, maybe the stores will have it too.Link:
Thanks Stuart, and others. Amazing, but I've never heard of Harbor Freight before. Come to find out, one is 15 minutes away. I really like the price on that extractor too. For something I'll only use 6 to 8 times a year, I hate to pay too much.
Grm386, also check out boating or marine supply stores. There are several different models of these things available from several different manufacturers, marketed heavily towards inboard boat engines. Capacities range from a few qts to several gallons. One thing about Harbor Freight- most of its merchandise is made in China, and quality is sometimes spotty. Just so you know that going in. Still, for something you'll only use a few times a year, their version seems worh consideration to me. [Wink]
can you use a lil water pump motor to syphon out PS fluid? I know yo ucant use it to pump gas out. but doubt PS is very flameable or is it lol
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