Can someone find Royal Purple Racing 21 and API 5W30 MSDS?

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
Thanks, That will resolve the Royal Purple formulation brawl once and for all. I am personally curious and the company needs more credit. Out-
The MSDS sheets are available on the RP web site. I've looked at them and they don't give a break down of the base oil blends with CAS numbers, so they are useless for determining if RP is Group III, Group IV, or Group V.
Thanks- I once called them and the chemical engineer on the line thoroughly confused me. LOL, i just need to pass organic chemistry...ill leave the rest to people like Molakule on here
It is a PAO. Buy some, have it analised and then you have all the proof you need. You can discuss it to death, but until you prove it through analysis, it's all speculation. I am sure Terry will cut you a deal on analysis. He is honest, yet none of you believe him. Pay for the analysis, and you will have your "credit". By the way we have Phd's. not a Chem.E.
I always thought most RP's were standard PAO/ester mixes with their own proprietary additive package(s).
RP, Just a clarification. Most Chemists have earned a PhD. Chemical engineers (B.S. and M.S.) are usually employed by processing plants or labs to design cracking or distillation (processing) units and prepare experiments for the labs. Both are involved in chemistry, just at different levels.
Molakule, You are right. It is the PAO/Ester mix with the "Propretary" additives. Just how much of each, is up to the Chemist, and the carrier oil is used for the Additives. OUTRUN. Because someone asks for the % of each, does not mean RP has to comply. Many years of experimentation,testing,and reformulation, have gone into it, and to give out this information would be stupid. We are in a market that measures it profit on quarts in cents. If there is a problem with the RP 21 or the 5W-30, send it to RP and a lab of your own choice. You can see if RP is full of it, and how they respond to your needs. But to get upset because they do not want to give %, is silly. You are the consumer, and you vote with your pocket book. If it does not make the grade, do not buy it.
Originally posted by PRRPILL: It is a PAO. Buy some, have it analised and then you have all the proof you need. You can discuss it to death, but until you prove it through analysis, it's all speculation
I've pretty much been a RP supporter. I've believed what I was told by the RP rep. What bothers me is not that I was told a mineral carrier oil was used, but that I could not get any idea as to how much that mineral oil was used. I even asked for a ballpark figure accurate to within 10%. The response I received is that is proprietary. I'm sorry, but knowing the percentage of min oil is not going to give any secrets away. I really don't think I should pay a dime to get this info, especially since I *could* get it if I was willing to fork over the dough.
PRRPILL, Sounds like a personal attack on that one with your "consumer" choice remark to me. The purpose of this board is to provide discourse so we can all ascertain information for common benefit...and to that of our vehicles. My concern which you propably missed is that any company can concievably call thier oil PAO or synthetic or what not. It sounds like your suggesting to me that i should blindky accept whatever any company tells me as truth and keep my mouth and mind shut. I beg your pardon but you have my wrong. A consumer has the right to choose. A wise consumer takes the best knowledge he can and based on what he is willing to pay will hopefully make the best option available to him.
OUTRUN, If RP tells you it is PAo, and you do not beleive them, what other course do you have? Analysis. If you prove them wrong, youre a hero. If you do not, you are a enlightened consumer. What part of this is a personal attack. Do you not think your comments about RP are an attack? They have told you that it is a PAO, but are not willing to divulge their "Recipe", so you are mad at them. Have you ever used the oil? Do you accept the ingredients the other oil companies report? Are you going to ask each one for their %. The only way you will prove or disprove them, is by analysis. Ask REDLINE or MOBIL for theirs. These are both great lubricants, and they will not give out the info. And if they do report it, is it the truth? How will you know? Analysis. If any of the oil companies have given out this information to you, please share it with us on the board. Please understand that none of this is personal. I do not normally get into any conversations on this board, but if there is problem with my product, I try to enlighten the person with the problem. Just trying to help.
PURPILL, I was the one talking about the % numbers. No, I don't expect or want the complete % breakdown of RM oil. What I had asked for was a ballpark % of the mineral oil. I even made the suggestion that I'm just looking for a guesstimate somthing like <10%, between 10% and 20%, etc. The answer I received was that is is proprietary. I have used RP oils and I have it in my '99 F-body now. I do think it's a good oil and maybe I should get over it, but the Napa where I bought it from went from $4 to about $6 per qt, so it also comes down to a price issue. I have seen other companies contain some breakdown of this type in their MSDS reports, and the two you mention contain 0% mineral oil.
I for one am not worried, I'm sure they aren't using 10% mineral oil in there, it's probably just a percent or two. And even if they did use a high percentage, what is the difference if the oil analysis results look good? Keep in mind that Schaeffer Supreme uses about 75% of it's base oil as mineral oil, yet this oil outperforms or equals many full synthetics out there. So it's not just the base oil, it's the entire package that matters. Just like I have full confidence in the Schaeffer oil I run in my Firebird, I have full confidence in the Royal Purple in my wife's Honda too.
I have Dyson Analysis data that is old enough that I feel comfortable enough sharing it here. In 1998 TFOUT( thin film oxygen uptake test) a measure of oxidation and chemical stability, ASTM D- 4742 tests were run comparing Royal Purple 5w/10w -30 "street" oils to M 5w-30 oil, and C 5w-50 oil. RP - M - C Induction time (minutes) none - 305 - 307 minutes to 25 psi drop 1440 - 325 - 322 PSI drop @24hrs 25 - 50 - 55 I would not hesitate to recommend this oil in my customers automobiles. The newer SL oil is even more robust and stable IMHO. [ February 01, 2003, 08:50 PM: Message edited by: Terry ]
Obviously thier was an apparent mix of conversations here in regrads to the % question which i did not ask. FYI i have run Royal Purple in my 98 F-Body since it was 6,000miles old...and now it is at 65,000miles no problem. The point i made was that when i called the point of my question was is the API certified 10W30 PAO or Group III or a combination thereof...the answer was not clear to me that is all. As far as the percentage question that seems to have been answered. My concern was that some SAE oils contain up to a significant 30-50% additive package...quiet alot. I did not want an oil like that just to lessen the more valuable base stocks in my application. Obviously Royal Purple is not Group III which is a compliment. I am happy the product i use is legitimate. Never in any of my posts was i suggesting it is not. Although other people have to thier detriment and loss.
Email exchange I had with Royal Purple: Question Is the carrier oil for the additive package mineral oil or a synthetic? Please describe. Reply The carrier oil for some of the additives that we use are mineral oils. This makes up a vary small % of the finished product. Thanks Patrick Burris Technical Advisor Royal Purple Ltd.
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