Can I go 7,000+ on GC?

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Jun 3, 2005
Have to take a 600 mile road trip on Friday - Not going to have time to change my GC. Car is a 99 Infiniti with the SR20DE motor. Have a Wix filter and 3.8Quarts of Green GC. Last changed about 8 months ago. 60%city 40% highway. Consumes little to no oil.

Right now at about 6600 miles into the interval. Can I push it to 7000+?
I don't see why not. What is the specified oil change interval per the manual? VW tells us to go 10K using similar oils.
3750 severe 7500 normal - my driving is severe thou,, although GC aint your ordinary dino!

I did a blotter test tonight... waiting for it to dry.
Yes, I ran it as the first change on a 96 honda this winter for 5500, the last 1500 as the clean phase of the ARx treatment, and though it came out really dark, still looked like it had plenty of life left.
At 7500-8000 on cold days (less than 20F) the oil "felt" as it have significantly thickened .... high engine noise, ultra high idle oil pressure.

Of course my assumption could be dead wrong. Perhaps a UOA of GC is due in a few thousand miles

Mobil 1 5W30 at 6k did not do this.

What I at least think is that GC is quieter the hotter the engine and outside day is.
Golden, that's VEIN!
Anyway, sure, it will go 7000 miles. I just ran it a bit further than that my last change. Oh, to be fair, I have no idea if it was OK to do, but, you can certainly do it! HA! Seriously though, I wouldn't fret much, you'll be fine.
Be careful of generalizing. Assuming all your other parameters are such that 7k or more is reasonable, then yes, GC is very much capable of going well beyond 7k. I ran a fill of it for just over 10k miles (13 months), but that was in my wife's Sequoia, whose 4.7L V-8 is extraordinarily easy on oil. The UOA, which is posted, showed substantial oil life remaining.

On the other hand, your situation might not be appropriate for a 7k run, even on a robust oil like GC. From what little we know of your operating conditions, I suspect you'll probably be fine. All the more so since you've already gone to 6600 miles, apparently with no problems. Your chances of having a failure in the next 600 miles would seem low. But if, for example, you often travel on a badly dusty dirt road, your engine is having FI or PCV issues, you do a lot of very short trips, etc, you may not be safe at this point.

You should try an occasional UOA to get a better feel for where you stand. As I've said here before, knowing is so much better than guessing and speculating.

Originally posted by GoldenRod:
German Castrol is a nice thick, robust, voluptuous, vain popping oil.

Mobil 1 5W-30 is like paint thinner.

Now, now there GR, don't be mean to Mobil.
Seriously though, their "standard" flavor of M1 5w-30 isn't the "paint thinner" it used to be. Click Here. As you can see, it's now up to 11.3 cSt, barely a cSt short of our precious green. . .
The only thing I see that gives me pause for a thumbs up is that your sump is only 3.8 quarts, which is pretty small! You will probably be ok but I wouldn't take it further without a UOA.
Everyone misses a spelling, I know I do all the time. GC may, in fact, be vain, and also be popping! But, I knew you meant to refer to a blood vessel, and not self-conceit! (Did I spell that right?)

I ran my spell check, guess it didn't catch VEIN.

Well considering how so many guys here prop the oil up, no wonder it is vain.

I bet you think this forum's about you, dont you?
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I went 11k/6 months twice in my V6 Audi. I dunno if I would do it again, now the Honda olm flags my driving to 6600 miles as 15% life. I wish we could get SLX II here, the low HT/HS version...I'd use it in the Honder.
I'm having a weird GC experience in that this is my first turbo car that has held onto the same oil for 3000 miles. Usually I have to put a quart or more in at each of 1000 miles and then when i cant stand it anymore i get it changed at 3K. My last STi was using a quart every 500 miles. This car, I added .25 of a quart at 1500 but am not sure I even needed that. This is also on a car with 11,000 miles so it might still be breaking in. I will still get it changed at 3000 miles since subaru turbo boxers beat the [censored] out of oil
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