buying tires through Costco?

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May 31, 2005
I am in need of another set of 35" MTs, probably gonna go with BFGs.... Has anyone ever torn or cut a tire offroad and then tried to have Costco replace it?
unless corporate's policy has changed all lt trk tires come with a mfgr defect warranty only. if you suffer a on/off road hazard your sol.
I tried to buy some 31's for my Jeep. They would not sell them to me since 31's are larger than the stock tires. [I dont know] The largest they would sell me was 30's so I went to Big-O
just thought I'd update this. I spoke with a guy about their warranty and although he said 'no offroad damage' there is clearly wiggle room available because he said if you hit and object in the street, they'll repair/replace the tire.... isn't a trail just a primitive road?
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