Brake Pad Codes

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Feb 16, 2009
I have installed hundreds of sets of brakes over the years and never paid any attention to Brake Pad Codes. This past week I have tried to understand the codes and how they translate to the buying experience when you are looking for brake pads for a vehicle. According to the DOT pad codes "So EE pads have only marginally more torque than no pads at all! Therefore FF pads are usually considered the minimum for a high-performance pad." According to an explanation of this same website by an 'expert'.. Making Sense of DOT Brake Pad Codes He explains that GG pads are "Pretty Hardcore Race Pads" So with those tools in hand because you cannot find any information online I went to auto parts stores to see the pads and read the codes. The application is a 1/2 Ton and some 3/4 ton chevrolet pickup/tahoe/suburban which is a very common vehicle. Wagner Severe Duty SD- DOT Code EE- as stated above "marginally more torque than no pads at all" From Wagners Decription of these pads "Formulated for extreme heat, frequent stopping and heavy loads, these brake pads feature exceptional pad strength and longer pad life." Wagner Thermoquiet Ceramic- DOT Code GG- As stated above they are 'pretty hardcore race pads' The decription of these pads mostly talk about low dusting. So in summary- from the explanations of the codes EE is like having no pads at all and FF would be a good choice for a daily driver with GG being for racing vehicles. Wagner Severe Duty Pads- for fleet and municipality vehicles/ Police Pursuit- EE Code. Wagner Thermoquiet Ceramic- for daily drivers and those looking for low dust- GG Code. I have various other codes from NAPA and Advance but just to keep it less confusing I kept it to Wagner for the sake of this query. Due to the variation on house brand sources. Are the codes nonsensical? Do the codes even matter? Or do you just go by the picture on the box?
The codes are almost worthless now. They are self regulated so the pad maker can put on their what they like. Let alone they are also outdated as the ranges they give for each ranking are so wide even if the pad makers were honest it does not tell you much anymore.
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