BMW and LL01 (Not a which oil...thread)

Also getting a little startup rattle. So I am going to up the grade a little, maybe 5W-40 or even 10W-40.

I don't get your reasoning. You're getting some rattle on startup and that's probably when
your engine is cold (and any oil is thick). So it's rattling when your oil is thick, not too thin.

But for those who mentioned that 5-10W-40 is merely an increase in cold weather attributes,
let me remind you that all my oil analyses showed the original 0w-40 sheared down to a 30
weight rather quickly. So I think a more robust version 40 wt. would indeed be a benefit.

'Sheared down' or diluted down? It isn't the same. If dilution is your actual issue just do more
longer distance trips. Why trying to fight that with thicker oil when you perhaps could solve
that issue by adressing the cause?
OP, if you are getting some start up rattle, consider replacing your upper timing chain tensionor. Get one made by INA, as that is the oem that BMW uses. You can source the INA version for half what BMW charges. Get the aluminum crush washer as well. If that doesn't take care of the start up knock, it could be the vanos in need of rebuild. 140k is too early for the guides to be an issue...but never say never. I went 263,600 miles before mine let go. Had everything replaced (chains, guide, tensionors, and rebuilt the vanos) I'm currently at 330,043 miles today. 2001 540 M-Sport. Original engine and transmission, neither rebuilt...yet. Been using Mike Miller's "lifetime maintenance schedule" since new for service intervals.