Blonde at the doctor

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Mar 19, 2004
A young blonde woman goes to the doctor to get a physical.The doctor comes in and notices that the woman is wearing earphones.The doctor tells her that she needs to remove the ear phones so he can start her physical by looking in her ears.The blonde says "No,I can't,I'll die".The doctor decides to go ahead and start the physical and come back to her ears later.As he is checking the woman,she still keeps the earphones on.The doctor once again tells the woman to remove her earphones so he can check her ears.The blonde says once again."No,I can't,I'll die".Now the doctor is starting to think about how rude she is being.The doctor finishes all of her physical except for her ears.He tells her,in a more stern voice,to remove the earphones or he cant complete her physical.She responds and says,"Alright,but I'll die!".She takes off the earphones and falls over dead.The doctor is amazed and shocked,nothing like this has ever happened before.Now he is wondering what she was listening to.So,he picks up the earphones and begins to listen for himself,he is astonished when he hears: "Breath in--Breath out,Breath in--Breath out...."
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