What the Heck?

Jul 13, 2003
Tracy, CA
The nationalities of the people involved are important to this story. This happened around 1990.

My friend (Japanese) and his bride (Chinese) are on their honeymoon in Italy. His bride booked a tour thru a Chinese-owned travel agent. The tour group is predominantly Chinese.

The entire group is having trouble with their room key cards, they don't open the doors. My friend has been up and down the elevator about a half dozen times. His wife tells him hang loose and she takes her turn running up and down to the desk.

While my friend is standing outside their room, a Chinese woman comes up to him and starts to speak to him in Chinese.

My Friend (in English): "I'm sorry but I don't speak Chinese."

The woman continues to try to communicate in Chinese.

My Friend (in English) : "I'm sorry but I don't speak Chinese."

The woman returns to her husband and tells him, IN ENGLISH, "He doesn't speak Chinese." o_O