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Mar 24, 2008
Houston, TX
Has anyone here used this stuff? Good or bad? I have M1 syn aft now, but I'm thinking about maybe using this in my next mechanical exchange with the BG system. I honestly don't trust this because it suppose to a universal aft that covers all specs. I mean, how can one fluid cover all specs when otc products doesn't even do this?

This will be going in the car in my signature. They sell it at the BG service station here. I will need another flush in 5k miles (I have syn M1 in there now that I put in at 175K) and I wanted to know if their fluid was any good? That would save me purchasing 15qts of M1 atf and just use that money for the labor.
I do believe it is good fluid. I wouldn't hesitate to use it if in your shoes assuming that your Q45 calls for one of the 'matic' specs I listed above.
I would assume the BG ATF included with their machine flush is a low cost generic atf that meets specs.....why would they eat into their own profits on the trans service by using ultra premium fluids the average motorist either doesnt know the difference or even care...I would stick with the Mobil 1 atf or even step up to Redline D4,which I have been using in my 96Q with excellent results{original transmission operates like brand new with 228,600 miles on it}

Considering you have only 25,000 miles on your presently installed mobil 1 atf, if you are looking to save $$$$, skip the machine flush process and do 3-4 drain/fills using fresh Mobil 1 atf yourself using the drainplug provided on your trans can get 85-90% of the fluid replaced with multiple drain/fills.
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