Aviation Oil From Local Oil Distributor

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Nov 16, 2009
I just ordered 2 cases of Shell aviation oil from my local oil distributor. It came out to at least $10 cheaper(per case) than buying off the net, once you factor in shipping verses sales tax & all. The guy was rather helpful & says he gets shipments from the supply truck every Monday(or every other?). That should keep me in oil well into next Summer. The plane(Warrior) is in for annual now & that includes an oil change. I use 15-50 in the winter & 100+ in the warmer months.
Why not use 15W-50 year round? I have flown two identical Citabrias back to back, one with 15W-50 the other using 100+. The oil pressure is almost immediate with the multiweight verses the straight weight oil that was noticeably slower, this in a warm climate.
The plane is in for the annual right now. That includes a fresh change with 15w-50. Yes I could use 15-50 year round. I surely don't think I'm hurting anything by using the 100+ during the heat of the summer. I do use the 15-50 for a larger part of the year than the 100+.
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