Auto-RX Results - first cleaning cycle (not good)

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It should be, but here's the rub: If the product delivers the desired results that's great, if it doesn't and you post about it, you'll hear from the A-Rx users that you didn't follow the directions.

Having said that I think 2700 miles is fine for the clean phase. It was the shorter rinse phase that concerned me. Now extending the clean to 4000 miles would be even better, at least I was told that when I used the product.......But things might have changed since then.

I'll check this thread in the morning, have a good trip!!
I like frank's suggestion of pushing to 4,000 on the arx cycle. Then, perform a rinse phase of 3,000 miles and post up pics. Follow with kreen as desired.


PS: I appreciate mongo's experience. Heck, if for some reason oil was prevented from reaching some clogged passages in his engine, I could see during a change being able to fit more oil in since it's not all drained back immediately to the pan, if it found somewhere to go it couldn't access before.
^^Thanks Jim^^, this way no one can say that A-Rx wasn't used as directed. IIRC extending the clean phase to 4000 miles would only make it better, unless they changed their views on that since I used the product. In this application either the product is going to work or its not, and we'll be able to see from the pictures, and know how many miles it took to clean the engine. Had he not used A-Rx first this would have been a great test mule for Kreen, since he started with A-Rx completing the process is the right thing to do IMO.

If anything is remaining, bring out the Kreen. Sometimes a change in chemistry is the ticket to really cleaning up a dirty engine.
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What do you think the dipstick is measuring, if not the contents of the pan? If the dipstick works differently in your engine I would be very interested in the explanation.

P.S. If you want to assert that the contaminants were on the SIDES of the pan, I won't quibble.

I have pulled the Fumoto valves off all our fleet vehicles after I had sludgy build up on the bottom of the pan in a 2006 Savana.

I also had a used vehicle where the entire inside of the engine was covered in almost a quarter inch thick layer of sludge from short tripping and never getting it hot.
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