Audi OEM vs Fram Titanium Cartridge Filter

This is the OE 06L115562B filter (Mann HU6013z) I just got. Apparantly it's still made by Mann,
but contrarily to to previous samples I had it's made in Germany instead of Czech made. It also
uses white media instead of yellow.


I'll add pictures found on the internet showing former revisions. A more recent one with white
media already but Czech made and and older one with yellow media (older style white box).

VW 06L115562B - neu weiß CZ - 01.jpg

VW 06L115562B - alt gelb CZ - 01.jpg
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The yellow one is without B. I would guess the white are full syntheic the yellow is not. The white is almost surely the synthetic media Purolator uses in the USA made Boss.
The only time I regularly used FRAM cartridge filters was when they were rebadged Mahle filters and was less expensive than the Mann filter.
On your German white filter they write English first in large letters, then Filtereinsatz in German below in smaller letters.
On your Czech Republic white filter they write Filtereinsatz in large script above the much smaller script in English.
For sure something nefarious is going on here.👩🏼‍🚀
Actually the word 'FILTERELEMENT' is German. Funny but true. In English they'd
write 'FILTER ELEMENT'. One word and two words, the rest is the same in both
German and English. Yes, sometimes they're similar if not almost the same. That
said, 'FILTEREINSATZ' means 'filter insert' if that makes sense. Thanks, I wouldn't
have noticed it.

If it matters I'll stick with the OE VW filter as I don't want my dealer noticing my
own 'intermediate' oil changes at half the (OLM suggested) interval.
@steve20 ... are all 3 particle counts above on the same car? I see the last two are. The Ultra PC is about the best PC I've seen posted on BITOG.
Sorry for the extremely-late response. I haven't signed in since I posted this up. The first UOA is the one in question, and was from my wife's super-short tripped Audi Q5 with the 3.0 SC V6. Looking at the particle counts you requested, is it fair to say the Mann used here is a 99% at 40 mics? The following 2 UOA/particle counts were from my Honda 2.4, just for reference since Fram claimed the 99% @ 20mics, (and it seems to be proven true, looking at the particle counts). My follow-up is so late, it really doesn't deserve a response, but I'll take a chance and ask, as we are/were both 2002 Z06 owners --> mine was stock, black/black. Absolutely my all around favorite for weekend back roads. I described it as "raw", compared to the newer ones. FWIW I've been Corvette-less since I sold my C4 LT-1 6 speed, 3 years ago <---long story.