Audi DCT issue.

So the moral of the story is Audi engines and transmissions last 50k miles? Is it true that the engine in the RS7 V8 requires a teardown and replacement of the main bearings every 60k miles? Think I saw that on

I think you are confusing Audi with BMW. They have multiple engines that actually do need bearings every 60k.
Suit yourself 🤷
Not saying you're wrong. Just saying I refuse to believe that as of yet. Not while the transmission is behaving like new under adaptation, not when the entire unit is so new.

Two of the members here advised me to do 2 other things. Even though I know I did it correctly, I'll take their advice and retrace my steps.

Reason I'm listening to those members is because it makes sense. When you(me) thinks that they're too good, didn't miss a **** thing, that's when you miss the simplest and most obvious steps.

Lastly but more importantly, I've been involved in the subie and audi community for a bit. Those two lead the way in part swapping and listening to their YouTube heroes when diagnosing issues, upgrading, etc.

Put her up on stands and went over everything as per @BMWTurboDzl and @KGMtech recommendations, I checked the mounts and level. I refilled the Trans with the car perfectly leveled out. She took another 1/2 quart. Reset adaptation and let it complete a drive cycle.

As per usual, perfectly smooth during the adaptation cycle, then the symptoms came back. The "hard" downshift seems a bit less harsh. Still not to my liking.

Time for a TCU tune.
Flashed the 034 stage 1 tcu and ecu tune. The performance of the car is leaps and bounds better than before. No question. Flashed st1 ecu tune. Car is way faster, still has harshness on the 2-1 downshift. Much improved, but not to my liking.

Flashed the tcu tune. It makes a big difference in performance. I feel like it made a bigger increase in performance when flashed on a stage 1 ecu tune than stage 1 ecu tune alone over stock.

The shifting when in auto mode is better. Feels more direct, but refined and more comfortable.

The 2-1 shift....I'll drive it 500 or so miles, then make up my mind. Right now, it's too good to be true.

I had a hunch it was software related, but this is beyond what I thought software can accomplish.
2 to 1 should only happen after you stop in D or maybe a bit earlier just before stop in S etc. Is that correct? Fluid level - I'd guess that has little do with this. I hate to say it but DSGs are just a bit clunky in this situation.

You may be correct. I misspoke. I think that it's happening from gear 1 to neutral.

Right now, nothings happening. It's smooth as hell right now. I'll give it like 500 miles to make a decision.
UPDATE: 1100 miles on her since the TCU tune. Trips from NH to CT and all over NH up and down the Kancamagus HWY, all sorts of stop and go traffic while traveling to CT because.....well, because Massachusetts. Springfield to be exact. Bumper to bumper, creeping forward a bit at the time. This is when the shudder and clunking was more prevalent and violent in the past. I am happy to report that it's still smooth as heck. It feels almost cvt like when crawling in bumper to bumper. In Dynamic mode as well as manual mode, it's nuts. It's fast.

As a die hard manual guy that's driven 1k hp plus manual drag Cars ad well as driven high hp cars on road courses(one of my best friends 5th generation viper acr), I'll never go back to manual. Dct all the way.

THE BAD: I got this car as a peppy daily driver. Promised myself never to mod it. Going under it to change the dct fluid and filter I couldn't help to see how much space there is. Those mufflers are pretty big......plenty of space.

The WORSE: Given the ample room for everything.......and the fact that I still have a new Comp 6262 v band and oil less turbocharger, plenty of v bands and piping ranging from 2.5 to 4 inch.....a procharger and treadstone intercooler from my many projects and "engaging in speed contest days" back when I lived in CT...........a remote mount compound boosted S4 sound good.

This is not good.
Update: About 10k(26k miles, see explanation below) miles since the tune, still butter smooth. While the "experts" were saying machatronics unit was to blame, I'm glad I tried the software first.

I can't recommend 034 enough. This has been a amazing purchase.

Explanation on how 10k miles=26k miles.

2k miles driven by me=2k normal people miles

8k miles driven by my wife is 3x as many miles driven by a regular(normal) person.

So, 2k+24k=26k.
The first step in diagnosing a problem is to scan the transmission computer for codes.