Anyone got a copy of SAE Technical Paper 2003-01-3119?

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Jun 11, 2002
Fort Smith, AR
I'm curious as to WHY wear decreases as oil ages, but I'm also cheap. [Smile] [ December 27, 2003, 10:13 AM: Message edited by: Roger ]
This is the name of the paper. Are you sure you have the right ##??? "Antiwear Performance of Low Phosphorus Engine Oils on Tappet Inserts in Motored Sliding Valvetrain Test"
That's the one Al. I got the number from the Synthetic Oil Life Study web site. It matches the paper name and number listed on the page for ordering SAE Papers. Even though it is only 2 month's old, I thought I'd check around and see if anyone's got a synopsis of it. You've mentioned buying those papers in the past. Are they worth it? I mean $12 won't break me. [ December 27, 2003, 11:28 AM: Message edited by: Roger ]
his one seems to fit better: SAE Document This paper compares 5W-30 oil with 20W-50 oil in terms of Urban/mixed/highway miles. It compares the oils at 800 KM and 15,000KM . The gains in fuel economy drop as the oil ages but the 5W-30 oil increases its advantage over the 20W-50 oil at the 15,000 km mark. I just scanned the report. I'll post more later. [Smile]
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