Any info on Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic, yet?

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Apr 9, 2004
Minnesota-South Dakota
We are still awaiting the miles to add up on this OCI with the new MaxLife Synthetic before a UOA. So far, the engine hasn't needed any make-up oil. It sounds great, and the oil still appears clean at ~2K. Has anyone found if it is a full Group III syn or GRP IV or V, or at least partial Grp IV and V ??? Any special additives? Thanks!!
LOL, yeah, why doesn't that surprise me. And the way you phrased it was good. The maxlife 'synthetic' (group III garbage) is more expensive than Mobil-1, for cryin in the night!! So if desiring to use the maxlife oil, would you suggest a very small benefit to using the maxlife synthetic ($4.42/qt)over the regular maxlife ($2.12/qt)? I heard the 5W-30 has a low flash point, so stick with the 10W-30?? Well, that bursts my bubble for the new maxlife synthetic. I was pretty excited and hoping it would be a group IV. But hey, it should be alright to seal up leaks and clean the engine before switching to Mobil-1... What do you think?
The uoa will tell the tale if this is a good oil for you or not. It will be interesting if you run it long enough to tell anything about it. We are not learning much about how non-PAO syns are really working in the real world here, because of the inherent PAO group think. Give it a fair chance. Surprise us.
I just called Valvoline. I asked about the % PAO in regular maxlife and then synthetic maxlife. I was candidly told it is in the forulation secret and that is NOT given out to the public!! However, I asked the flash points of the maxlife oils. ML 5/30 ML SYN 5/30 ML 10/30 ML SYN 10/30 430'F 428'F 446'F 446'F How do they look? I was told the Maxlife syn is a full synthetic (sure for what it's worth Group III i'm sure), and the other is a conventional oil.
Well, That flash point for the "normal" MaxLife seems a little high. I've got the "Synthetic" version in the H22A4 now. It's supposed to have PAO in it... I guess its time for a virgin sample.
Really, do those flash points seem high? I was given the Celcius temps, but converted them to Ferenheit. 221'C, 220'C, and both 10/30's were 230'C. Definately, a virgin analysis is in order! I am very interested in how it is formulated.
Lookee at the NOAK of the 10w-30 Maxlife Synthetic [Cool] Test SAE 5W-30 SAE 10W-30 Vis @ 1000C 11.65 11.51 Spec Gravity @ 600 F 0.8551 0.8587 Density lbs/gal 7.13 7.16 Total Base Number 10 10 Flash Point COC 220 230 Pour Point 0C -42 -42 CCS cP 0C <6600@-30C <7000@-25C MRV TP-1 cP 0C 19,739@-35C 14,200@-30C Noack % off @ 2500C 11.0 8.31 Zinc/Phosphorus, wt% 0.100/0.095 0.100/0.095 Calcium/Magnesium, wt.% 0.387/Nil 0.387/Nil
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