Another thick/thin thread...

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Jun 14, 2021
East TN
Ok, so in a weird mood and something crazy popped in my head...this whole thick/thin oil argument...

So, from what I gather, some say that the thin oils are just for CAFE...fuel economy...ok.

Other say that thick is better for long term wear...ok.

But here is the thing...some of those for thick say that the thin oils can cause more

Thin oils are supposed to provide better mileage due to less pumping effort, but those on the thick side state it causes more wear...

Doesn't this imply that it would allow more friction? Isn't that counter to the whole 'thin oils allow the engines to be more efficient' argument?
The thinking of the "thick" side is that the film strength of the thinner oils is too weak and will allow metal to metal contact hence allowing more wear. I'm not saying that's correct or true, I'm just saying that's the thinking. I think it's clearly false or we'd see far more failed engines but hey, what do I know.
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