Another LEO action shooting

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what if they guy was legally able to have the gun?
The ex felon in the passenger seat who was shot COULD NOT have legally had that gun; he had just gotten out of jail after 13 years for...........wait for it............shooting a cop in Chicago! crackmeup The black cop who shot that thug knew him and had every right to be freaked out and he did the right thing. One less worthless thug off the street as far as I'm concerned.
I was afraid 1 phrase from my entire post was going to be quoted. The point I was trying to get at is what if the guy was legally carrying a gun during a routine traffic stop. It was a bit OT I know. Pretend they aren't felons. Pretend its okay to legally carry a gun there etc.


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That puts things into better perspective. From the cops point of view: known/convicted felon who shot at cops who has an illegal firearm in the car who won't obey commands. From the thugs point of view: Cop who knows who I am sees my illegal firearm in the car and is going to arrest me and I'm going back to prison.
Right that's why I said before that he kind of had three strikes against him before any interaction went down. Doesn't mean the cop had it out for him or anything like that, but that is a reason to be more concerned.
Exactly, guys. That is part of what I'm trying to communicate; it's called Totallity of the Circumstances. The officer treated it cordially by introducing himself and being calm. He only became excited and scared when he recognized a viable, credible threat from a known felon who has shot at cops and had a firearm present, and then physically burst out of the car against the officers repeated commands and attempts to stop him. Deadly force threat gets deadly force response.
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That puts things into better perspective.
Yes, it does. It put's the officer's anxiety in better context.