Another issue with apartment complex

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Jul 24, 2010
Since relocate to Texas . I was not able to sold my other home . On mean time we rent an apartment . As soon our home sold . I will start to looking into a house here in Texas .

I had a guy live above me . There many time he stomp the floor really or or slap the door really hard or punch the wall . First I don’t know what it’s . I though that how he walk and I know we live in apartment and we sometime heard loud thing and that normal . So I just don’t say anything

When other day when I call the office to report the stolen floor jack so they can have awareness around the area . The manager was mention that the guy upstairs was complaint about noise . He say he heard click click noise or techno music or alarm . That got my attention . That he been stomping his feet above me on purpose . My ceiling fan does make a little noise . And I do turn my ceiling fan on at night .

Now he stomp the floor with his feet . every time my alarm go off when I get up for work . Or any noise . Or when I watch YouTube on my phone with the lowest volume . He must sleep with his ear on the floor or something . I did do a test where I ask my wife can she heard out side with the door closed and she don’t .

I will talk to the office to get my ceiling fan check out . The manager also told me she did told the guy to stop stomp the floor because he did told her he do that because of the noise.

Last 2 night we sleep with no ceiling fan . And this morning my alarm go off . He stomp his feet really hard above our bed room and in the kichens . I will talk to the manager about this . Since this become serious . Look like the guy live alone up there.
Hope he stop stomp on floor for you or join party up there..

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I would find a different place to move to. These types of people do not learn very well and there is nothing you will be able to do. I have heard of these types of behavior and it will be an ongoing problem unless he moves out. Some people just love to try and make others miserable.
Just back from the office . The manager know exactly why I show up even before I even say anything . She say the guy up stair need live in a house . Any kind of noise will make him angry and he will stomp and kicking and punching . He came in here many time complaint about me .

She say him do that to 2 other preview peoples . One guy before me was coming home from night shift and same issue . He took a shower and watch tv and the guy upstairs stomping and kicking the floor . To the point he had to move away . She told me to make a police report and she told me she might can get I move with no charge .
I have a strong feeling Metal’s pos neighbor is a section 8’r. That’s why the guy can be so obnoxious without getting evicted, because he’s on the government’s (our) dime.
I think he is . I talk to my down stair old couple . They say the last 2 tenant move out for the same reason . The guy up stair woke up and rage . Stomping the floor . Kicking and punching the wall every time he heard a noise in middle of night . The manager knew about this but still keep him living there .
I have a strong feeling Metal’s pos neighbor is a section 8’r. That’s why the guy can be so obnoxious without getting evicted, because he’s on the government’s (our) dime.
Guessing since no police report likely exists they may not have the backing to evict. The terrible tenant has rights and ability to fight eviction.
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