Another issue with apartment complex

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If he's Uber sensitive and you're not being inconsiderate with noise level then let him stomp all he wants...annoying but certainly not your problem.
I have a strong feeling Metal’s pos neighbor is a section 8’r. That’s why the guy can be so obnoxious without getting evicted, because he’s on the government’s (our) dime.
All tenants have strong rights if they want to stay. There aren't additional ones for Section 8. As long as they are paying the rent and not damaging the apartment, eviction is basically impossible.
This would do the trick. Put it on and get the heck out of there.

That's a good song, I'd totally rock out to that LOL! You can be my neighbor anytime! I was thinking more window-shaking like this (gotta change genres every song, keep your neighbor on their toes!):

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I see active groups on reddit that are huge proponents of high density living. How it's better for the Earth and whatnot. They totally ignore or discount the mental health aspects of high density living. All this drama and stress is not good for one's health.
I wouldnt antagonize the guy, but I would certainly keep doing what you’re doing minus the noisy paddle fan.

An alarm going off and a neighbor hearing it isn’t unreasonable. Have your fan fixed. Keep moving on.
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