Amsoil MTF or Ravenol MTF 2

May 17, 2021
open range
What are you looking for something other than OE Honda MTF 3
delivers you? OE Honda MTF 3 would your safest bet and it isn't
much more money.
Granted, I feel both Amsoil Synchromesh and Ravenol MTF-2 will
likely perform decently IF recommended by Amsoil and Ravenol
for your Honda gearbox. Trust this forum just like MolaKule but
beware most car forums talk.
I had been using Ravenol MTF-2 75W-80 in a Mini's Getrag FWD
box and the shifting quality has been exceptional however this is
no Honda transmission. I read VW and Mazda owners loved using
Ravenol MTF-2 too.