Amazon now sells auto parts...(oil filters)

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Aug 30, 2004
It has come to my attention that Amazon has begun selling automotive part; this includes many auto replacement parts, including oil filters and oil filter relocation kits.

They have good prices, at least on filters, and the free shipping on > $25 orders still apply with oil filters. No tax for most orders as well.

Here are some examples:

Purolator PureOne PL14610- $5.49
Purolator PureOne PL10241- $5.49
Wix 51348- $4.99
Fram PH7317- $3.99
K&N HP-1004- $9.49
K&N HP-1002- $9.49

Not bad at all…IMO.
Can anyone compete with Pep Boys coupon prices for Purolator filters? I haven't looked at one lately, but the in store rebate plus the mail in rebate it comes to about a buck a filter.
LarryL, I don't think anyone can compete when Pep Boys has a coupon for $2.49 and then a $1.98 rebate on a Purolator Premium Plus. And that's the higher price compared to when it was $.01 after rebate.
I just bought a box of 8 OEM filters for my Mazda for 3.93 each. I could've gotten some kind of filter cheaper, but i do feel beter with the OEM, especially when i can get them at a good price.
Frankly if I had a convenient source for a PF 2244G and a PF 1177 @ $4, I would pay a lot less attention to oil filters and never would have found BITOG.
Off topic, sorry.

hominid7, may I ask where you got your Mazda oem filters from for that price? Were they the cartridge filters? I'm currently looking for some OEMs for my 2006 mazda6i. The dealer sells them for $5.95 which isnt bad, but less is always nice.
I trip over amazon listings whenever I froogle something. It'd be great if I were on a remote island with mail service.

They seem to have made it a goal to distribute everything.
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