Amazon/FedEX issues

Nashville, TN via Memphis
What's the policy/rule on this ? Only curious, mind you. We receive a text with a picture maybe 1 out of 10 deliveries, with the most recent one showing our item on someone else's porch ! 🤣 I've never seen the option to select, at least not on an order-by-order basis. In fact, our son said he gets text notifications for every order our family places (we all access "my" account) but we can't find where this is set anywhere. I realize this really isn't part of what you do with Amazon, of course....

You can go in and add a note that says "Please take photo on delivery". However, it won't guarantee that the driver does this, due to intricacies of how individual packages or groups of packages are delivered. For example, if I'm delivering to several of your neighbors also, I may group them all together to make it faster for me to drop them all off quickly, so that I can get all my deliveries done without being out until 9 pm.

Sometimes it simply takes too long to take a photo of each and every package I deliver. Especially if I have over 180 stops and well over 200 packages to deliver in a shift.

Do you use the Amazon phone app? If so, you can select an option within the app to get a notification when the package is delivered. If you don't use the app, you can probably (I'm not 100% sure) select an option to be emailed when it's delivered.
Chicago Area
I have had UPS leave not one, not two, not three, but FOUR deliveries on the steps exposed to rain...instead of putting them three feet away, under the porch overhang. Fortunately, the order of out of print, irreplaceable books was packed well enough to stay dry inside.
Had that happen as well - the last time being especially frustrating because they made it to the overhang over the porch, but they left it on the side that's open to the yard, where the rain came from vs the side that sits against the garage wall and was still dry after 2 hours of rain...:mad:

I will give UPS credit, though, for getting stuff delivered to my PO Box, and actual UPS-delivered items and not things that they would have handed off to the PO anyway. FedEx didn't even try, and I know this because they claimed that no one was at the address to accept the package vs. saying that the address is a PO Box. Which in this case it wasn't - I have a box with "Premium Services" which provides you with an actual street address for UPS/DHL/FedEx so the street address was on the package, not the PO box - and the lobby was open for several hours already. I then had trouble getting the package from the FedEx facility because the legal address on my license was not the street address on the package.


About a year ago w FedEx you could still redirect a package online and pay a small change fee.

Anyone see any problems here?

Oh, scammers, right! So the scammers caught onto this and best I can tell it became a numbers game - pay X to redirect, say, 1000 packages and hope you get >X value of goods or merchandise.

Apparently they closed this loophole now but I had it happen to me. In this case the joke woulda been on them 'cause the draw bar (ball mount) in my box was worth less than the change fee which was $30 or $35 IIRC

I was only alerted to the fraud by skimming my emails in a doctor's waiting room. Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager and you'll get emails of everything when it ships, when it goes out for delivery, and when it's delivered.

My eye just happened to catch my name with a Miami address in one of these emails....and I'm nowhere near Miami. It was truly dumb luck that I opened that email and noticed the erroneous address (which was a freight forwarding company, then sending the stuff out of the country)
You can go in and add a note that says "Please take photo on delivery"
I just checked multiple orders, under "Track packages", and all have photos taken. I thought my wife or son were getting text notifications with pictures but they were probably using the app on their phones.
I delivered my neighbors fed ex prescriptions in the nice Styrofoam box yesterday. I scored the box. Nice ice chest. They are going to save some more for me.