Am I using the correct kind of oils?

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Feb 7, 2004
Pittsburgh, PA
Just wanted to say hello, since I am a new member. I was curious if I am using the right kind of oils for my vehicles, taking into consideration of how they are used. Here is what I have got:

97 Subaru Outback, 2.5, 90K mi. I have been using M1 10W30 and and a PureOne filter every 6K mi or 6 mos. This car is driven good bit, about 1500 mi a month, mainly highway driving.

2000 Ford Ranger, 4.0, 70K mi. Been using M1 5W30 and a Motorcraft filter every 6 mos. or 6K. It usually ends up being close to 6 mos. as it isn't driven far. I was using 0W30 but it made too much noise.

1972 Ford F-100, 400 ci, 30-40K mi on motor (guessing). The motor, although with low miles, blows a lot of smoke under hard acceleration. I think it has a nicked ring on the one back cyl as it fowls plugs sometimes. I was using PZ 10W40 and a PZ filter but it seems like its always low on oil. I was thinking of using PZ SAE 30 this spring as it's only driven April - Sept. Would 15W40 have similar results?
Sounds like you are on the right track to me. And it would not hurt to try the 15W40 oil in the '72 Ford either.

Hello and welcome.

Seems like you are doing everything pretty good. Hang around here and you will probably want to try something new though.

For the old Ford you might want to read about the cleaning additives and see if it might be worth a try. I am using a dose of Auto RX in a old chevy of mine but it doesn't get driven much so it will take awhile to see how it does.

There are a coulple of others that are recommended by folks that seem to know alot.

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What are these cleaning additives supposed to do? Are they like that Kerosene like "Motor Flush" where you let it idle and then drain it?

I used it once and it clogged an oil pump screen in a 351W. Eventually the oil pump siezed and I just ended up building a new engine.
I don't think trying the SAE 30 would be worth it. I would try the 15W-40 this Spring. Has this engine been re-built?? What 10W-40 are you using??

Sounds like you are doing ok otherwise.

I would use a Motocraft filter on the old Ford, too instead of the PZ.
The engine is supposedly a crate motor from Ford. The truck only has 97K original miles on it so it could have been installed 10-20 years ago. So even with low miles it's an older engine that was used with a truck with a big camper on the back, and this was in New Mexico. The engine was probably exposed to some serious heat in it's life.

I was using Pennzoil 10W-40 and a Pennzoil (Fram) filter. Not my favorite but inexpensive as I work at a Pennzoil station. I will go back to the FL-1A. I will also try out using some Long Life 15W-40. Thanks!
Looked at my spec. sheets to compare with the 10W-40 and the Long Life 15W-40 sounds like a great idea.

This is good stuff. Hope it help the consumption, but if not.....probably no oil will.
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