allen (hex) wrench sets

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I've had a Kobalt set (in the funky plastic holders) for over 5 years and they're holding up pretty well. Saw a lot of Bondhus sets in machine shops, though.
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Bondhus, Eklind, and PB Swiss.
Yup these are the only ones I'll use. They are engineered to very tight specs and are unlikely to wallow out fastener heads.
The ball head is good for the initial tightening but you still need to use the other end for the final tightening. I like lifetime guarantees with ease of exchanges. Home Depot, Lowe's Advance Auto, and Auto Zone will be my tool places since Sears tools stink now and they are going out of business. And Snap On and such are too hard to meet up with. I always preferred to do business with MAC and Matco because underdog and cheaper, and they still have quality tools.
Un-Break-O brand for over 40 years of really tough service. Used to use the bigger long wrenches as dives for Ford FE motors with HP & HV oil pumps. They just don't quit smile
I've been using Bondhus for over 30 years and they never let me down. I also like the Chapman sets:|dc&pcrid=164110844124&rd=k&product_id=81086589&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrLyRk4bs2AIVR5J-Ch0P-g5fEAQYAiABEgJdavD_BwE
Thanks everyone. I went with bondhus. I like that they are USA made. Thanks for the link Trav, I ordered the 3 piece set.
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