? about #1 fuel oil

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Jul 26, 2004
New Bri-en, CT
Is this a common item around the country? (NorthEast) I called my fuel oil company to see if they sold it and the person who answered the phone never heard of it. (Maybe I need a new f.o. company) From what I gather it is used in tanks above ground where the temps are very cold (my brother in Fairbanks AK says it is common up there) I am thinking of replacing my furnace (hole in the heat exchanger) with a Toyotomi L73 which uses K1 or #1, I'm sort of worried about availability. I might be calling around to other suppliers. Any input appreciated.
Don't get a k1-only furnace, kerosene is about 30 cents more expensive per gallon. If you don't need it's anti-gel properties I wouldn't run it. [Frown] However, most if not all #2 (regular gooey diesel fuel oil) furnaces tolerate K1. Perhaps this you read funny from the brochure. K1 is run mostly in manufactured housing around here as they don't have warm basements (or spare room) for the tank, which sits outside. It's delivered on a dual-compartment truck and they can even mix #1 and #2 for people that only need a little help avoiding gelation. It could be your building styles demographic and mildy warmer weather makes #1 less popular.
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