A salute to the motor oil hoarders

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Originally posted by Bill in Utah: They are more upset about the few pounds of smokeless gun powder I have in the house.
Geeze, Louise! Whata they want? Did you point out that at least it is "smokeless"? (Not like you're gonna ask for "smoke damage" compensation in addition to the loss of your home fer cryin' out loud!)
Today we salute real men of genius. Here's to you, Mr Multicase Oil Horder (mistermulticaseoilhord-er!) Some change underware ..while you change your oil (watch the skid marks) [Cheers!]
I have a mixed bag of Mobil1 totalling 30 Quarts 3 gallons of Rotella T 18 quarts of Chevron dino 5w30, bought on sale at .49 qt. Not to mention 1.5 gallons of FP 1 gallon of LC
About 28 qts GC Green 0W30 4 qts GC Gold 0W30 7 qts Chevron Supreme 5W30 4 qts Castrol Syntec Blend 5W30 5 Qts Havoline 5W20 1 qt Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 **AND** I just bought 12 quarts of Mobil 1 5W30 I found on base for 4.35 apiece(pre-Katrina)... why I have no clue [I dont know]
Tall Paul I ship 28,000 Quarts (7,000) gallons every week of 5/30 SL to ship need any LOL. Around 3.00 gallon bruce
My oil stash includes Motul, GC, M1 EP, M1 Classic, Synpower(mostly in 5qt jugs), Maxlife Syn, Delo, Supreme & QS Syn Blend...so far, 267qts. According to this gal-bbl conversion table, I only have 1.589 bbls of oil(Am such a lite wt. [Wink] ). A bbl in the petroleum industry is = 42 gallons...not 55 gallons. 1 barrel (bbl) of petroleum or related products = 42 gallons. 1 barrel of Portland cement is 375 pounds. 1 barrel of flour - 196 pounds. 1 barrel of pork or fish - 200 pounds. 1 barrel of (US) dry measure is 3.29122 bushels or 4.2104 cubic feet. A barrel may be called a "drum", but a drum usually holds 55 gallons! 1 barrel going over Niagara Falls was big enough to carry a man. metric-conversions.org
Picked up 2 cases of Chevron 5w-30 for .49 cents a quart today! They even sold them at that price so I could forget the rebate! Total out the door incl tax for 24 quarts? $12.49 Coming up to 400 quarts! (or almost 2(barrels) ) Bill, gotta recompute your stash...past 350qts is over 2bbls. [stretch]
Bill, gotta recompute your stash...past 350qts is over 2bbls.
New goal! 3 BBls.... [Eek!] [Happy] Take care, bill [Coffee]
how do you guys do it? I mean, I have 115 quarts of oil myself but whenever someone sees or hears how much oil I have I'm the butt of everyone's joke. I just got married on 12/3 and the in laws asked last night sarcastically "what do you want for xmas? oil? with a laugh. My wife interruped with NO!!!!!" [Bang Head] I told her to be nice to my oil stash or we'll name our first born "havoline". [Big Grin] Anyway, I'm about to move to a new town 200 miles away on the 17th of this month. I have family and friends from both sides to help in the move (I can hear the questions and jokes about boxes filled with oil coming). Not only that, our new Apartment together has an outdoor storage on the balcony (she told me last night, it's a great place to put all of my oil. [Eek!] [No no] ) I heard the first year of marriage is tough and this will be our first battleground [Dual] In fact, I woke up 454am this morning worrying about the winter killing my oil stash in the harsh cold winter. [LOL!]
Wow Bruce, some guys just have it made. What a dream to be working with all that oil. At $3 per gallon I guess I should open an oil change shop. Cutehumor: You've got to sneak the oil over there before the in-laws come to help.
Cutehumor, the conflict over motor oil with your wife is a great opportunity to practice the communication and compromise skills you will both need to make it work. By the way, does she hoard something? Ex. clothes, shoes, handbags, perfume, toiletries, kitchen gadgets,food, etc.. If she does, then the compromise is easy; don't touch my motor oil and I won't touch your shoes. It is better that it is all out in the open. If not you get into secret buying patterns. When people tease me, I laugh and agree that I am eccentric. What do I care what they think. People then generally like that because they feel freer to be themselves. Your inlaws will respect you more when they feel your confidence, and probably won't try to manipulate you as much when they see you can laugh off their teasing. Hoarding motor oil is funny. Why not laugh and enjoy!! What a great idea! I am going to start requesting motor oil for Christman. That is way better (for me) than some overpriced tie or gadget I do not want.
One more thing Cutehumor; the woman in your life needs to know that she is very important to you and that you are thinking of her. She may see buying motor oil as a sign that you are not thinking of her. Bring her the occasional flower as an example, or whatever creative thing you can think of that shows her that she is number 1 to you and I think the motor oil war in her mind will greatly subside. It is worth the effort. If she is not happy, you are not going to be happy.
All of you have an oil issue. you're going to have to sign yourself up to a rehad centre for Oil Addiction. [Happy] Now for startersm hand over your GC. [Canada]
X72, I've conceded to her that I won't buy anymore oil. But when she said that my oil will go in the the storage room, we will have to talk more about that. I think her main thing is that I had an "oil shrine" shelf in one of my bedrooms and she doesn't want people to come over and see it. (she'll be embarassed) I'll try to compromise with her and leave my quarts of oil in cases and put in the 2nd bedroom closet. I hope that works. thanks for the tips [Cheers!]
When people tease me, I laugh and agree that I am eccentric. What do I care what they think.
We all would do well to quit caring what other people think and a great inspiration toward that end is to read, "What do you care what other people think," a book about Richard P. Feynman, the famous Cal Tech prof and nuclear physicist. (It's even better if you first read "Surely Your Joking Mr. Feynman.")
My wife won't allow me in the oil isle at W/M anymore. [No no] I've only got 80 qt's M1, mostly 10/30, finally scored 12 qt's 5/40 T&Suv last month. [Big Grin] Also have 10 Qts ST 10/30 syn, 10 Qts TropArtic 10/30 semi syn, 2 gal Rotella T 5/40 syn, 3 gal GTX Techion 15/40. Several bottles/cans of techron, BG44, ST injector cleaner, (the black bottle) [Cool] Oh ya, and 17 Motorcraft FL1A filters. Bought before the price went up @ $2.77 each. Should be enough to keep 5 cars, 2 riding mowers, 3 push mowers and a Mighty Mac chipper/shredder going for at least 3 years. [Burnout]
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