A salute to the motor oil hoarders

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Sep 6, 2005
Atlanta area, USA
I thought I was a bit crazy when I stocked up on 16 quarts M1 0W-40 for my MB. Then I found this board and found out I was total lightweight!

This board has encouraged me to hoard more motor oil. The recent price hikes for motor oil just make the hoarding strategy seem like an inflation hedge. I have used the M1 5W-30 Wal-Mart jugs for my parents cars. It used to cost about $20, now it is $25 for the SM, with no 5 gallon jugs of the EP available.

I just added 2 5-gallon jugs of the Supertech Syn 10W-30 for my girlfriends Camry with a 5S-FE engine. It has Castrol Syntec Blend in their now and I will be posting a UOA next oil change just to get a baseline. I picked up 8 quarts of the Belgian Castrol 5W-40 because the after rebate price was too hard to resist.

Anyways, I really appreciate you guys!
Picked up 2 cases of Chevron 5w-30 for .49 cents a quart today!

They even sold them at that price so I could forget the rebate!

Total out the door incl tax for 24 quarts?


Coming up to 400 quarts! (or almost 2(barrels) )

Take care, Bill
have 147qts of M1 saved, NO SM rated--traded it all for 0w30 SL along with the rest(about half) being "oldstock" 5w30 SL along with a little EP. Think I am OK for a little while-at least 10years or so(read on the M1 site a long while back of M1's 10year shelflife) bought some at W-M and most with PepBoys 3for$3 coupons-all totaled up cost averaging out at $3.00per Qt which lookes GREAT now that M1's cost has increaced so much recently!
Gee, I remember the late 1970s when people hoarded toilet paper and tuna fish.

I am not making fun. I too am a motor oil hoarder extraordinaire. However, I no longer disclose how much because I fear being subject to Department of Environmental Protection regulations.
I have a stash of the various oil companies best 30wt oils:

Castrol - 60 GC quarts (all green)

ExxonMobil - 60 quarts Mobil 1Racing 0W 30

Esso - 20 liters Esso XD-3 0W 30

ConocoPhillips - 6 qts 76 High Performance Full
Synthetic TRACK Formula 10W 30

1/3 of the above hidden in King Tut's tomb, 1/3 hidden in a CIA Virginia bunker, 1/3 stored in my garage.
Your property insurance provider may take a dim view of huge oil stashes too.

Nonetheless, I am down to 166 quarts having just dumped 6 quarts into the motorhome Thursday.
i have quite a bit of Havoline on myself, along with some Motorcraft and 1.5 boxes of Motorcraft filters
Who is it? I won't buy a 55 gallon barrel right now, but it would be fun to go take a look. Maybe when my present stash runs out, the barrels will look pretty good, but now I have 5 to 7 years worth.

Your property insurance provider may take a dim view of huge oil stashes too.

Nope, I asked.

They are more upset about the few pounds of smokeless gun powder I have in the house.

Also they asked how many 5 gallon gas cans I own...

Motoroil not a big deal at all..

Take care, Bill
I'm a relative lightweight but here goes:
1. 4 1/2 quarts Mobil 7500 5w-30 (2.08 a quart)
2. 18 quarts Trop-Arctic 5w-30 (.99 a quart)
3. 9 quarts Trop-arctic 10w-30 (.99 a quart)
4. 6 quarts GC green (3.99 a quart)
5. 18 quarts GC gold (3.99 a quart)
6. 9 quarts Pennzoil plat. 5w-20 (4.52 a quart)
7. 27 quarts Mobil 1 5w-20 (prices range from 3.99 to 5.29 a quart)
Total - 91 1/2 quarts - All pre-Katrina. I have not purchased any since Katrina and I do not plan to for awhile.
My oil stash includes Motul, GC, M1 EP, M1 Classic, Synpower(mostly in 5qt jugs), Maxlife Syn, Delo, Supreme & QS Syn Blend...so far, 267qts.

And next to me the LA Times. Opens the Kragens flyer and sees...a CSK Chevron $0.49 coupon(!)

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