97 Civic - 7,000 mile oci on dino

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Nov 17, 2003
New Hanover, PA
My brother has a 97 Civic and of course I do the maintenance. I tell him that at 5,000 miles he should bring it back and I will change the oil & filter for him, free of charge (he has no money, ever... but that is another story). Anywho this weekend he brought it over for a lube job and it was 7,000 miles
since I last saw the car. The oil was jet black and very runny. It had a Fram filter which still had oil in it when I took it off. Anyone interested in seeing an analysis on this used stuff (Castrol GTX 5W-30)? I refilled with Mobil Drive Clean Plus 5W-30 and a Puralator filter. I am half curious to see how the GTX held up over 7,000 miles...
Sure, go for it! But I bet it ends up looking ok. Most of the Civic's have some tough little motors in them. Honda's later year ( owned an 01 and 02) OCI recommendation for normal service is 10000 miles, so it is probably fine
Alot of how well the oil holds up is dependent upon your brother's driving habits. All highway, all city, or a little of both? How long since the last oil change was done? Does he rag on the car, or does he baby it? It (a UOA, that is) may be interesting to see if he drives like a bat-out-of-h**l in the city, and it took him a year to get those 7,000 miles.
If he got to the 7,000 mile mark on the highway in a couple of months, it probably won't be too bad.

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