94 Kawasaki ZX-11 Rotella T synth 5W-40 705 miles

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Feb 25, 2003
Okay, for all who saw my previous UOA using Golden Spectro, you will see that this report eases my mind and then some.
MIles on Unit       32179
Miles on Oil        680

Cu                  8
Fe                  18
Cr                  1
Ni                  1
Ti                  0
V                   0
Ag                  0
Pb                  1
Sn                  0
Al                  5
Si                  3
Na                  3
K                   2
Mo                  12
B                   16
Ba                  0
Ca                  2650
Mg                  76 
Mn                  0
P                   1266
Sb                  2
Zn                  1414
Visc @ 100          12.6

>5u                 34247
>10u                1297
>15u                104
>20u                35
>25u                17
>50u                2
>75u                1
>100u               0
ISO                 22/14
Particle Vol.       3
Ferrous Debris      15
Antifreeze          Neg
Fuel                Neg
Water               Neg                 

I would have expected much more than 18ppm iron simply from oil in the motor that did not drain during the change. Needless to say, I'm very excited by this report. Things to note: this was my Auto-RX cleaning phase, so I had 7 ounces of Auto-RX in there. Also, I put in 3.5 ounces of Lube Control. I was also using Fuel Power at the same time.
Oh yeah, this oil, while only in there for 680 miles, did 3 full throttle, 11000+ rpm drag races, the first was 1/8 mile, the second was 1/4 mile, and the last was a 168 mph 3/4 mile run. They were all done on a dyno, where the bike put down over 130 hp to the wheel.
Nice to see that Fe number come down dramatically. Interesting comparison, and educational as to the effect of long term storage/rust's effect on UOA!
In re-reading the history of these very short interval oil changes and analysis, I have to ask why you didn't just use one (gasp!) conventional motorcycle-specific oil, sans any multiple additional additives, for the Auto-Rx treatment, as is recommended? Tough (at least, for ME) to figure out any real trend with so many different oils, differing intervals, etc. I guess a lot of fresh oil will eventually remove rust, and that's a GOOD THING! BTW, I, too, have a ZX-11D and have (I sure hope!) successfully done an Auto-Rx treatment previously. Cheers!
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