Redline 10W-40 800 miles Kawasaki ZX-11

After draining the first batch of Redline I tried, this is the first analysis of the second batch of Redline. There are are at least four reasons why I'm trying Redline further; 1) the bike shifts really nice, 2) the motor seems to run very smooth, 3) fuel mileage is up a bit, 4) it holds it's viscocity. If the wear could come down to levels comparable with the other oils I have tried, I would be real happy. For now, possibly due to the legendary Redline "cleaning" properties, some wear numbers are up. In fact, tin has had a reading on all three Redline reports I have, but on over a dozen reports on other oils I only saw a tin reading twice. I'm probably going to contact Terry and see what he makes of this all. Anyway, down to the latest report.
Oil              Redline 10W-40
Miles on oil     800
Time on Oil      ~2 weeks
Iron             9
Chromium         0
Lead             0
Copper           12
Tin              11
Aluminum         16
Nickel           0
Silver           0
Silicon          11
Boron            25           
Sodium           10
Magnesium        32
Calcium          2994
Barium           0
Phosphorus       1105
Zinc             1439
Moly             860
Titanium         0
Vanadium         0
Potassium        0
Fuel             <1
Water            0
Coolant          NEG
[email protected]        12.74
TBN              8.00